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Cats are notoriously picky and some take weeks, months, or even years to recognize whole prey or prey model as food, or accept the work inherent in eating them.

Sometimes, they’re brought to raw at an older age and are missing teeth.

Chicken, for instance, is high in fat, while rabbit is very lean(4); quail is high in copper and chicken breast is high in niacin(5).

Offering a variety of animals provides the greatest assurance of a balanced diet and mimics the hunting behavior of cats in the wild.(6) Turkey, chicken, Cornish hen, beef, lamb and pork are often basic ingredients and can be readily found in local stores.

The first two are based on a general guideline that has been used by raw dog feeders for decades, modified for cat…

are all ground together, offering little to no chewing challenge to a cat and, due to the nutrient breakdown inherent in the process, requiring supplementation.(2) However, this method most resembles the canned food many cats are already accustomed to eating and is often the easiest raw transition a cat can make.from different animal sources to recreate the same nutrient balance as would be found in a whole prey animal.Raw diets can be produced two ways – commercially or at home.) and this, combined with the extended time required to finish a meal, promotes a better digestive process.(11) Feeding prey model entails less initial preparation than grinding, minimal or no supplementation, and fewer tools, but it requires strict adherence to a feeding schedule to ensure the proper nutrient balance is maintained.

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(Here is mine.) Whole prey is the rarest raw feeding method.Venison, bison, pheasant, quail, rabbit, duck and goat can sometimes be found locally, but can also often be ordered online.

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