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Perfect : — Mand-ài, -àsti, -ò, -àmmo, aste, -àrono.

Imperfect : — Mand-avo or -ava, -avi, -ava, -avàmo, -ava te, -à\ano.

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ER DICTIONARY A SHORT ITALIAN DICTIONARY CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS C. addissi, addicesti, addisse, addicemmo, addiceste, addissero. xii CONJUGATION OF ITALIAN VERBS Addurre to adduce ; atldu-co, -ci, -ce, -ciarao, -cète, adducono. addussi, adducesti, addusse, adducemmo, adduceste, addussero. Addolcire to sweeten, Addomestichire to tame ; like Finire. Imperfect : — Mand-àssi, -assi, -asse, -àssimo, -aste, -àssero.

The terminations are modified when necessary to preserve phonetic uniformity of spelling as shown in the following examples : — Pecco, pecchi, pecca, pecchiamo ecc.

Aggredire to attack, Aggrezzire to be numbed, Aggrinzire to wrinkle. Agire to act, Alleccornire to stir the appetite, Alleggerire to lighten, Allestire to prepare, Allibbire to be astonished ; like Finire.

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