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07-Jan-2017 15:01

Some certainly would love that, but exhibitionism is also a spectruum. I'm suspicious of Steve Benthin's sexual orientation because he seems kind of very involved in gay-oriented stuff but there's a video he uploaded himself to YT with his apparently girlfriend applying lotion to his body on the beach and suddenly she rubs his penis like nothing. But, there are heterosexual men that "get off" knowing that they are desired by gay men and, (according to them), have no interest in being with a man in any sexual way. I know men sometimes like getting compliments from other men about their physique not for sexual reasons, but because men can bestow Alpha male status and respect on other dudes in away women cannot.

My bodybuilding and fitness modeling straight male friends love getting compliments from me not because of some sexual element, but because I am bestowing upon them Alpha status.

I don't know what kind of charity event was that, but I bet pink symbolised something.

I never found the videos again, I think they were deleted ever since.

He was posing and at the end of his routine he removed his posing suit and covered his penis with his hands and then left the stage. The thing is that bodybuilders had to flex and pose and people had to approach them and leave money in their posing suits just people do to strippers.

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Bodybuilding is already super homoerotic with trunks on and the fanbase is full of "hetero" men who are overly aware of any gay vibe in bodybuilding.This is something that I suspect some bodybuilders do while posing on stage, at least those whose junk appear to be featured quite prominently. R99I'm not familiar with cock rings, but it is not the first time I have heard people suggest this explanation when bodybuilders look too prominent down there. And also, coming from an islamic land as is Egypt how could he even have access to sex toys?Cockrings are found everywhere r100, even in the Middle East.I think he was married and had children, but his participation in that kind of stuff leaves room for the suspicion about his true sexual orientation. This guy would need to fluff it a little bit just to look proportional to the muscles around it.

Steroids shrink their testicles so it isn't flattering wearing a posing suit that will look all saggy either.Steve Benthin (Hans Hoffmann in gay-oriented videos) seems to always flaunt his muscles in some sort sexualised way to invite the lustful gaze from his audience when he is on a bodybuilding stage.