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Whatever your industry is; whether it be agencies, removalists, bodybuilding; there are a lot of “underserved” sub-niches.Nerd Fitness is a good example; it focuses on a sub-niche in the fitness industry – nerds who want to get fit.Understand what their job is like, what challenges they have, and how you can help them through your content.The best way to do this is from a list of “target topics” that you know your target audience is interested in, then sticking to those target topics in every new piece of content you produce.”Many marketing teams put all their effort into acquisition-focused content, but overlook how crucial content is during new user activation.So, start by identifying a few underserved sub-niches in your industry.There are a bunch of how to build a startup related sites and content.While acquiring signups is a valuable goal, shoving those signups into a subpar onboarding flow — without adequate content to guide trial users to success — is a recipe for low trial paid conversion rates. Devote half your efforts to acquisition content, and the other half to activation content.

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You gotta first take a step back, figure out where things are headed, and prepare yourself for the long road ahead. All this has to happen before you ideate and put finger to keyboard.”The most important thing you can do is have a great understanding of who your target market is.Imagine picking up a tasty-looking frozen pizza at the grocery store, flipping the box over, and realizing…hey, there are no instructions on this thing.