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Research from Japanese scientist Osuma Handa at Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine suggests that even parabens that were previously presumed to be safe, such as methylparaben, might mutate and produce free radicals when exposed to UV rays, causing skin ageing and potentially skin cancer.Alcohol, which is often added to cosmetics, can stimulate the penetration of parabens into the skin and also the conversion of methylparaben to butylparaben, which, with propylparaben, has the greatest hormone disrupting properties in men and women.'If we did it, it would have to be a huge story with a fantastic set. We don't want another whodunnit to run for 30 years.We don't want another Mousetrap.' Suchet, who is about to open in Arthur Miller's All My Sons, adds: 'There are a couple of other theatre things on the horizon, and it is a question of where we jigsaw it in.Of the theatre plans, Suchet tells The Stage: 'There is part of me that is quite keen to do it.Jeremy Brett did with Sherlock Holmes and had a very nice time with it, but Poirot has always been - for me - someone on the screen.' He says that he would only take to the stage if the script were based on an existing Christie novel.But, it could be exciting.' Don't expect to hear much from Sir John Major until closer to polling day.The former prime minister - who lost badly to Tony Blair in 1997 - is on business in New York after a two-week family holiday in Jamaica.

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'I am in a debate at the moment - not with the producers - but in my own mind, as to whether to take Poirot on to the stage.' The role of the fictional detective has been played my many distinguished theatrical figures, including Sir Peter Ustinov, Albert Finney and Ian Holm.

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