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Hughes also claims this isn’t the first time ’s "Ask an Asian" are nominally similar in that both videos feature women of color, each snarkily answering a generalized question about her race.But the questions themselves don’t overlap: Hughes’s question is about spring; ’s Jenny Yang answers 11 questions that are all about common racial stereotypes."Stop watching Kid Fury videos and putting his shit, fucking transcripts, on your website. You’re using black culture to make your money, and you know it." Cut’s "100 years of beauty" series is one of those massively viral trendsetters that has spawned a thousand imitators: Mode’s 100 years of fashion, cars, and home improvement (to name just a few); Glamour’s 100 years of underwear; Bon Appétit’s 100 years of brown bag lunches; even Xbox’s 100 years of zombies and Mashable’s 100 years of corgi beauty.So calling out Buzz Feed specifically for its "[X] Through History" series seems a bit unfair, but it was one of the first examples that Hughes and many others thought of.Hughes and her supporters gathered more and more evidence of what they claimed were examples of Buzz Feed ripping off creators.Many of these are straightforwardly literal: umbrella.They can promote whatever they want there using my name and image.I still show up on their Snapchat account sometimes.

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Popular You Tube user Akilah Hughes, who’s known for her warm style of vlogging comedy, is leading the charge, accusing Video staffer Gaby Dunn wrote an opinion piece for Fusion in which she cautioned young writers and creators, particularly women and members of other marginalized groups, not to give away their work.Both feature a woman sitting at home with a blanket over her head, and both contain tongue-in-cheek time lapses in which a woman spends an entire weekend in bed, staring at a computer.But there are enough shared elements between the two that Hughes feels she was ripped off.There’s one obvious, major problem with all of these accusations: On an individual level, none of them are really plagiarism.

A 2013 video by a vlogger known as Maddox, called "I Hate Buzzfeed," summarizes Buzz Feed’s approach to producing "original" content as a mix of "stolen images, exploited pop trends, and shitty jokes that use worn-out memes." But that descriptor essentially sums up not just Buzz Feed but the entire nature of publishing on the internet: Just about any content can be aggregated, reposted (with or without attribution), remixed, and built upon in just about any way.

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