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20-Jun-2016 13:39

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These are paintings with a deliberately unfinished aspect, ripped, as if the matter is already in an advanced state of corruption, as if time was turning the paintings into a sort of ruins in front of our eyes.

A series of portraits just one click away from being shared on social networks. displays pictures which celebrate the body power, taken from 25 years of Schatz’s activity.In the central hall there is a large canvas inspired by Pala di Brera’s composition of Piero della Francesca.It illustrates the architecture of Rotonda del Pellegrini (few people know about this very suggestive space located in the centre of Milan that used to be the hayloft during S.Sudest57, the agency that represents Howard Schatz in Italy, has played a key role in Body Power.

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Biba Giachetti, founder of the Agency, is the exhibition’s curator.The core of this idea is sharing the richness that every different culture contains.