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22-Nov-2016 07:57

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But a woman wouldn’t really mind if her own man does that to her, of course, minus the ripping of her expensive clothes.I’m really confused about a lesbian fantasy which many girls think is a hot one, but a few others were totally against it.But what the hell, I like it, so here goes the top fantasies for women.#1 The rape fantasy This might sound like something women aren’t really into.

But many women do dream about getting molested by a man, or fantasize about a man walking in, carrying her onto a haystack and nailing her. [Read: Date rape facts] Women like dreaming about a man who rips their Versace overcoat, and her D&G tee, and her Victoria’s Secret lingerie and ravages her.Some women say they would listen to their partner, while some girls said they would do the opposite of what their master orders and wait to be punished. #8 Dominatrix This is a role reversal of the submissive lover.