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Many came in and accepted to continue with move of trying to reduce cases of HIV and AIDS.

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not only were we taught about this but also on HIV/AIDs with sexually transmitted disease sex, treatment others and generally leaving in harmony with other people in the society.I love them as my parents and called them my relatives Hope To Live --- SAINTDWAN, KITNUM ( TASO My parent died some years back, I was living with my aunt in Kitsun town, one day I got a serious attack of malaria that made me stayed into the hospital for at least three months then after my doctor came into the room and told me I have something serious to tell you then I told him go ahead he told me I was Hiv positive and from my heart I knew I was innocent then later he told me my parents died of HIV/AIDS and I got from them.Later started giving me medication, I couldn't believe what they told me I thought that was the end of me, I had no hope of living but they took me to a counsellor at a place in Taso save me counselling and mediation which save me a bright future that there is still live ahead of me which changed my life and with confident Lessons On Behaviour Change --- MUNICIPALITY, KAKAMEGA ( PILLAR PROJECTI am Burton Kisiangani.Youth Transformation --- MUNICIPALITY, KAKAMEGA ( PILLAR PROJECT My name is celestine Majanga I finished my forum four last year.

About i month ago, i was invited by a certain organization named Pillar project to enroll for a certain course called behaviour change which was to take about two weeks. Far from HIV/AIDS, we also learnt on how to be responsible with our bodies and our health also,was an issue.

In this children centre he provided food, medication and even pay their school fees.