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THE IDEA BEHIND ONE IN EIGHT MJk AMERICAN HOMES Freddie Mac STEADY FREDDIE " J.: Next time you consider b ing a computer system, a work, or application softw.

ask the company sellin to you exactly what y options are for the future.!

Collectors: Pawnbrokers To The Stars 104 By Ctiristie Brown Looking to raise cash against your art collection? Copying for other than personal use or internal reference, or of articles or columns not owned by Forbes without express permission of Forbes or the copyright owner is expressly prohibited. I-X)RBES, Editor-in-Chief ( 1»'I7 19, S4) MALCOLM S. The mon- eylosing company's stock rose past on Nasdaq in 1988 on hopes that the dual-deckers would take off^. Since shipments be- gan last July, Go-Video has sold only 18,000 machines. Terren Dunlap Are two decks really better than one?

There's Sotheby's, of course, and Citicorp and some other established lenders. Careers: Chucking It All 106 By Dyan Mactian A rising young manager at General Mills decides to quit to teach capital- ism to the Third World. (Canadian second-class postage paid, permit number 9490. ^^orbes" Julys, 1991 7 SIDE L NES Forbes ^B Editor JAMES W. Balancia, John Chamberlain, Susan Chin, Scott De Carlo, Timothy Dodman, F^ric S. FORBES, Editor-in-Chief ( 1954 1990) Nervous prosperity It'S hard tor Americans to grasp the fact that the West European car market is now consider- ably larger than our own — and growing much faster, too. Redler Director of Advertising: William J Flatlcy Director of Corporate Communications: Wm Donald Garson Director of Circulation: John M. 10 Forbes" Julys, 1991 J: Unique problems require Whether you're challenged by a small white ball lying in three inches of water, or the need to enhance the communication capabilities of your business, unique problems demand innovative solutions.

Whether those oper- ating systems drive prod- ucts from us, IBM®, Hewlett- Packard*^', Sun®, Compaq®, Apple® or others. Wellington, Manager Detroit: Don Dane, Manager; Kevin M Hohman Los Angeles: Fic Rucker, Manager; Jill S. Recently he has also whizzed through Milwaukee, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Monterey, Calif., Manhattan and Miami. Some of the money seems to be coming from Keating's son-in-law, Gary Hall, a Phoenix ophthalmologist and former director of Keating's American Con- tinental Corp.

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The Forbes Index 36 The Forbes Wall Street Review 111 World Markets Review 112 Streetwalker 124 Profit-taking; Multimedia; Phelps Dodge; Mc Dermott International.

IBM IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF INTERNATIONAl BUSIK MACHINES CORPORATION HEWLEn PACKARD IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF HEWLEH PACKARD COMPANY roroes JULYS. ^^H 40 ON THE COVER Junk Science In The Courtroom 68 By Peter Huber Carr\'ing the traditional American ad- versaiy system to absurd extremes, judges are allowing crackpot scientists to pollute the legal process. By Matthew Sch if rm For most people, building one big company is a lifetime's work. Editorial index is on page 6 Cover illustration by Chas. Slackman WPP Group 48 By Marcia Berss The world's biggest ad agency has had to reschedule its heavy debts. SCEcorp 76 By James Cook Its prized merger plan thwarted, SCEcorp isn't sitting around moping. INTERNATIONAL 58 Europe's Cars By Jerry Flint You think the auto business is tough here?

Other successful states include California, New York, Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia.… continue reading »

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En los canales australes, habitaron los nómadas canoeros chonos, kawésqar y yaganes; y en la estepa patagónica, los nómadas terrestres aónikenk y selknam.​ iniciando la Guerra de Arauco al enfrentarse a las tribus mapuches.… continue reading »

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