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Also other documents reveal that in the 14th century the town had already a well-developed infrastructure.A document of 1380, as an example, refers to the construction of an aqueduct, of a fountain and of the establishment of a town-hall cellar.In 1776 a decision was made to build a fortess in the town.During the Napoleonic invasion in Prussia in 1806/07, the fortress was successfully defended by General of Infantry Wilhelm René de l'Homme de Courbière against attacks by French troops.In 1659 the Swedes had been besieged for several days and retreated.

At the end of 1655 the town and its castle were captured by the Swedes, who held them occupied for four years.

At the beginning of the Thirteen Years' War of the Cities (1454–66) the citizens forced the Teutonic Order to hand over the castle.

Although in the town there existed also a strong party supporting the Knights, during the entire war both the town and the castle remained in possession of the confederation party.

The confederation party formally asked the King of Poland, Casimir IV Jagiellon, to join Poland.

Thus, among other towns, in the mid-15th century Grudziądz also came under the protectorate of Poland.

The city was the site of a military prison for Polish activists - those released, who left Europe, formed the Gromada Grudziądz in Portsmouth, England, in 1835, as part of the Great Emigration movement.

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