Verne troyer sex tape online

24-Sep-2016 03:12

Yvette, 25, alleges that she feared for her life after the 40-year-old warned she 'better watch out' because his friends had guns.

She also says that the Hollywood actor constantly bombards her with abusive texts calling her a 'hooker'.'I have moved on, [but] he keeps emailing me, calling me and texting me awful messages like "I hope God is with you"... I've asked him more than 10 times to leave me alone...

In June 2008 a sex tape featuring Troyer and his former live-in girlfriend Ranae Shrider having sex was leaked by another ex-girlfriend Ranae Shrider to U. Troyer later sued TMZ, Blatt, and online rental company Sugar DVD for invasion of privacy and copyright infringement.A 25-second snippet of video showing actor Verne Troyer and a former girlfriend having sex, available online over the past couple of days, is all the world will see of the tape — for now.