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Meanwhile, Klaus tries to use Hayley to get some information he is after; and Damon gives Rebekah some unwanted advice.Season 4, Episode 17March 21, 2013Damon takes Elena to New York City, where he recalls his hedonistic life there in the 1970s.Meanwhile, Rebekah tries to buy Matt's forgiveness; and Klaus reveals a 12th-century encounter with a powerful group of vampire hunters.Season 4, Episode 5November 8, 2012Stefan and Klaus form an unusual alliance to deal with the danger that Connor unleashes on the town that includes taking Jeremy, Matt and April hostage.Meanwhile, Damon tries to uncover Shane's motives; and Jeremy becomes alarmed by vivid nightmares and turns to Matt for help.

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Season 4, Episode 20April 25, 2013Klaus travels to New Orleans, the city he and his family helped build, when he learns of a plot against him.Season 4, Episode 15February 21, 2013Caroline worries about Elena's state of mind; Damon gives some somber news to Rebekah and is surprised at her reaction; Bonnie reveals the rest of Shane's plan.